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PC Build to Match 2nd Gen Mac Pro

Marcus Jackman, ConnectedLiving Tech, has his solution if one wants to invest some serious money into this project: All of us have our own ...

Tips on How to Use Google Drive

An article in MacWorld gives you 16 tips on how to use Google Drive (originally called Google Docs).  Google Drive has been the standard ...

How To Use Labels and Filters in Gmail

If you are not familiar with the powerful tools in Gmail that can clean up your cluttered Gmail inbox watch this short 6 ...

Speeding Up Your Computer

When customers have a pretty good Mac that works fine but is just not running very fast any more, we often discuss a "Nuke ...

National Geographic Goes Google Apps

National Geographic has gone Google and this is a huge number of users who have switched to Google Apps. You may want some details ...

Google Apps for Free Limitations

An important message to our Google Apps for Work (Legacy or Free Edition) users, Google has announced that it will no longer offer new sign ...

Fusion Drive

Apple rolled out Fusion Drive in October 2012 allowing users to have the OS and applications in a solid state drive and handling data ...

Chromebook Pixel

Google is making sure that kids in public schools have access to a Chromebook which is what Apple did years ago. Students ...


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