Connectech, your local Northern California Google Reseller, is here to help make your move to Google easier. We add extra value by offering expert support every step of the way.

Beyond the initial Google setup and rollout, we can help you manage and enhance Google solutions so they’ll evolve with your needs over time. These value-adds include our no-cost user adds, moves, and changes; ongoing support and education; integration with third-party solutions, extensions, and plug-ins; and even custom application development.

Erase and Reinstall Mac OS X

Erasing and reinstalling your Mac’s operating system is equivalent to a spring cleaning for your computer. A fresh install of OS X will remove all traces of unused or outdated third-party software and old settings that may be causing hiccups or crashes. Your data will first be backed up. Your hard drive will then be erased, and OS X and your applications reinstalled.

This erase and reinstall process will help optimize your computer’s speed and performance so it will operate just the way Apple intended. We advise that you to do this process at least every year or two.

Data Migration (From Old System to New)

When you purchase a new computer, we can help streamline setup by migrating the data, applications, and utilities from the old computer to new. After migrating your data, we can help set up cloud services and backup processes, install software, and configure applications such as email.

iCloud and Google Sync

Connectech has years of experience with configuration and support for services like iCloud and Google Sync. Let us help you dial in the right settings to keep your world in sync.

Apple’s iCloud service offers a wealth of synchronization options across all of your Apple devices. In addition to syncing mail, calendars, and much more, you can take advantage of features such as Find My Mac/iPhone/iPad, which use mapping data/GPS coordinates.

Google’s sync services, for Android and Apple devices, provide many of the same features as iCloud. We can help you avoid duplication of effort while keeping all of your devices talking to each other—and to the cloud.

Backup and Security

Before you move forward, you should always back up. Let us assist in implementing one- or two-level backup protection for your data. We’ll recommend the best in local and cloud backup solutions based on your requirements. We can optionally monitor these on your behalf to help ensure that all of your information is continuously protected. We can also help you avoid threats by implementing firewall, malware, and spyware protection.

Password Management

Keeping track of your passwords can be one of the most difficult (and frustrating) aspects of working with all of your devices, Internet and cloud services, financial institutions, shopping and travel sites, and other services.

For Mac OS X users, understanding and utilizing Apple’s built-in Keychain function is a good starting point, but more sophisticated, feature-rich password management apps are available including 1Password, LastPass, and Roboform. We can help you select, install, and configure a password manager to help ensure your passwords are strong, secure, and a lot easier to manage and access.

Apple Purchase Assistance

Should you buy an iPad Mini or an iPad? Is the MacBook Air a better fit than the MacBook Pro for your daughter who will be heading off to college? What’s the right system for your office’s receptionist? As an Apple Business Affiliate, we can help with expert purchase advice and offer money-saving tips to help you end up with the perfect system at a fair price.

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