There’s no doubt about it: the Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived, and it’s changed how we all use the Internet. Connections have moved beyond standard computing devices, and the Internet now powers billions of everyday devices, from parking meters to thermostats.

Estimates for IoT market value are massive, as by definition the IoT has become a diffuse layer of devices, sensors, and computing power that overlays entire consumer, business-to-business, and government industries. The IoT will account for an increasingly huge number of connections: 2 billion devices today, and 9 billion by 2018.

As your everyday devices continue to evolve to access the Internet, it’s important to understand how to safely and securely network them while ensuring security as well as data integrity.

Connectech can provide a secure solution for connecting any and all of your devices to any service or system. We’ll work with you to design your network to keep your business information safe. We can configure all of your networked computers and devices — desktop machines, laptops, tablets, smartphones, VoIP telephones, cameras, control devices, and more.

Security and Virus Protection
Internet and computer security is a vital concern for any business. Any device with Internet access is a potential open door to intruders. We’ll assess your network’s vulnerability and help ensure that your devices (and data) are secure and protected.

Data Backups
We believe data backup is critical. All computers and servers should incorporate a solution for complete, automatic, unattended backup. Let us recommend and deploy a backup solution today.

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